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  Chintan Upadhyay's Interviews

JULY 2008

What kind of work are you showcasing in this exhibition (are they paintings/sculptures...what mediums have you used? etc.)
I am showcasing two paintings and two Box sculptures. Both paintings are in Acrylic and oil on canvas and sculptures are mixed media.
paintings are titled as "Visarjan" and "Welcome" each of them are triptych and sizes are 3ft x 9ft. and boxes are titled as "Dowry". These boxes have mirrored wall so they have multiple reflection of dowry i have made.

- What message are you trying to get through to the audience?
I am not into giving message to people or audience. I like to provoke them to go beyond their mundane life and think about their surrounding. I like to give visual message and social message is always there. My works deal with many layers of my culture and I have special interest in global and local, past-present and future, gender specific abortions and consumerism. my works are political in its own way.

- Do you think the Thai and Indian culture are similar?
- Do you think there are still some (negative) stereotypes associated with both of the cultures? Like Thais thinking of Indians in a certain way and vice versa? If so, what are some?

Infact his is the first time I will encounter with Thai culture in real.

- What do you think exhibitions like these do for society as a whole?

I think this kind of exhibitions always work like a bridge between two cultures. I have been expose to Thai culture because this exhibition and Thai people will get to know about me and my work. These kind of projects always give new experience to people and open new channels for future understanding. In my opinion it develops tolerance level and make us aware of other things than our own culture. I believe we should have more exhibitions should happen of this nature.

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