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  Pinaree Sanpitak's Interviews

July 2008

Q- What kind of work are you showcasing in this exhibition (are they paintings/scluptures...what mediums have you used? etc.)

I am presenting "Breast Stupa Cookery" with "Ice Scrapes-Nam Kang Sai", titled "Breaking the Ice".

Gallery visitors can create their Ice scrapes with the Breast Stupa Cookery Molds or create their own molds and eat them. The Ice creations and their creators will be documented through out the period of the show.

Q- What message are you trying to get through to the audience?

As the concept of "Breast Stupa Cookery"...

“Breast Stupa Cookery”, an ongoing, collaborative art project started in 2005
by Thai artist Pinaree Sanpitak, explores how people interpret her signature form of breast+stupas. Professional and amateur chefs create meals using her specially designed breast stupa-shaped cooking molds made in cast aluminum and glazed stoneware.

Food becomes the art medium and connection.

Q- Do you think the Thai and Indian culture are similar?

There are similarities and differences

Q - Do you think there are still some (negative) stereotypes associated with both of the cultures? Like Thais thinking of Indians in a certain way and vice versa? If so, what are some?

Q - What do you think exhibitions like these do for society as a whole?

Referring to both questions above,
I don`t like being stereotyped and vice versa. I believe that learning more about other cultures and people, being open-minded will are good assets. And to do that through Art can be an amazing experience.

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