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Individual thoughts and experiences can be seen as marks or traces that vary in the information they offer. Sometimes individual thoughts and experiences seem similar to layer sheets of paper kept in drawers. Mostly my works initially spring from personal moments of contemplation and memories, to be expanded in terms of dialogue with other, surrounding, phenomena. Moments and memories exist in the layers of doubts and questions I have about the dramatic and dynamic changes society is currently undergoing.<br><br>I often exploit the physical properties of materials that are fragile, raw and temporary; easy to change and easy to break apart. I frequently employ traditional techniques.<br><br>My artworks reveal process and the momentary situations of their production. I believe the viewer’s experience and knowledge of particular situations leads to wider answers. Reflections will always transfer back to the drawers; the memories of mine and of the audiences.<br><br>Nipan is currently showing at the Thai pavilion at the Venice Biennale<br> Nipan Oranniwesna
Mix Media(pigment on Japanese paper)
200" X 111"(500cm X 278cm)

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