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<p align=justify><span style=''FONT-SIZE: 10pt''>Born in 1973 at Kothanalloor, Kerala, India. Gigi has a M.F.A. (painting) from Jamia Millia University, New Delhi in 1998 and B.F.A. (painting) in 1995 from the College of Fine Arts, Thiruvananthapuram.</span></p>
<p align=justify>He has won many scholarships and awards like Sanskriti award in visual art(2005), Inlaks scholarship(2002) and Scholarship for Visual Arts from the Ministry of Human Resources and Development(1995 to 1997). He has been part of various residency programs like CCA7 (Caribbean Contemporary Arts), Trinidad and Tobago, West Indies(2005), Khoj studios, Kirkee Village,New Delhi(2004) and Cittadellarte, Foundation Pistoletto, Biella, Italy(Unidee 2002).</p>
<p>Gigi has had solo shows at Inter America Space at CCA7, Trinidad called Where are the Amerindians? In 2005, Exhibition of recent works at Art Inc., Shaprjhat, New Delhi(2001) and Exhibition of paintings and sculptures at The Great Art Gallery, New Delhi(1998). Apart from these,Gigi Scaria has been a part of numerous group shows in India and Abroad.</p></span></font> Gigi Scaria
Raise Your Hands Those Who Have Touched Him
Multichannel Video Installation With Sound
Duration-33 minutes

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