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The last 8 months have been an experience for me, raising my little squirrel named Jerry. I watch this tiny little soul grow and am amazed at the joy and movement it brings to my life: a beautiful understanding of the process of living. Jerry has changed my routine. We have developed a bond, a mutual affection and attachment for each other. We don’t speak the same language, we don’t have a dialogue with words, but I have grown to understand and appreciate his presence, his habits, his feelings and his mood swings. I have adapted myself to become patient with Jerry, which is not typically me. My world revolves around his well-being.<br style=''''><br style=''''>These artworks are a glimpse of the experience I’ve had with Jerry. My work is now more crafted, preparing pigments, tearing paper, dying paper and fitting the pieces together to form a whole. I also want people take away souvenirs of us.<br style=''''><br style=''''><br>                                                            Benitha Perciyal
The Original Fall
Natural pigmentrice paperfixative on waterford
60" X 22"(150cm X 55cm)

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