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Manjunath Kamath works with iconic fragments. He renders fragments of narratives and various mise-en-scenes. The fragments achieve the status of a symbolism we think we know but nevertheless retain a sense of mystery. <br style=''''>Kamath draws from his experience of everyday life and the titles of his works claim a concern with the momentary. Detailed images of buildings, the artist in front of a canvas, animals, clouds and signs of domestic and urban contexts float across monochrome backgrounds. The blank backgrounds do not suggest the absence of a greater picture. Rather, the fragments function to represent how we perceive and describe the world. In this respect, Kamath moves from an engagement with the local and idiosyncratic to more universal considerations.<br style=''''>Understanding is, of course, linked to intelligibility. Visual imagery, however, offers a curious challenge to the processes of coding and de-coding received information. Unlike language, where one has either learned the codes or not, visual images are not subject to strict definitions. Kamath brings out the essentially enigmatic nature of images and meaning always seems in flux. Looking at his artworks, the fragments that make up his artworks, one can weave and re-weave interpretations. What we think we might know about the world around us always becomes something else.<br style=''''><br style=''''><br> B M Kamath(Manjunath Kamath)
Mosquito Byte
watercolour & acrylic on paper
122 x 152 cm(4 x 5 ft)

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