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My work at present is driven by ethical and moral concerns regarding ecology, technology and science, and arises out of my experience of an urban/global yet cultural Indian context. Animal rights, genetic engineering, hybridizing techniques are some issues that spur me on. My concepts often grow out of an activism against these experiences – frequently a kind of record comprising visual representations of my encounters with real situations. I unconsciously use metaphors and symbols from memory as equivalents of an observed reality; that these are from my cultural background reiterates the Indian-ness of my work. Irony and paradox become tools with which I engage with the audience and they also make my subjects visually palatable. <br>Each of the four works in From Surface to Origin carry themes I have explored earlier. Soup Bowl and Mock(iv)ory are both about my concern with violence against animals – they stage a mock reality through their physical appearance. Spirituality and faith are the focus of Faith Fossils and Japamala, the organic shapes of the former are moulded from wax scraped off the floor of a miraculous church thronged by thousands of multi-religious people. <br><br><br> Biju Joze
Rosary (Japamala 2)
viagra tablets and string
1`-4" x 0`-6"(40cm X 15cm)

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