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Sohan Jakhar

“My art is a visual projection created by stimulating the memories of the past and the present”, Says Sohan Jakhar, while defining his art. His works addresses his personal relations as well as the ones he has with his ancestry. The decorative motifs floating in the background come from the painted fresco on the havelis of Shekhavati, a hometown of the artist where he has spent his childhood. Juxtaposed on them is any visual material that is relevant to him from his experiences and interactions.
The incorporated images are the photographs taken by the self or often references from magazines, later digitally modified by the artist and transferred on the canvas. The treatment of pictures has a simplistic approach. The artist uses layers of vibrant colors that simply have strong individual personas expressing a subtle theatre of visual form. He employs ‘acrylic’ colors to create this vibrancy and for their ability to dry quickly.
“I realize that experiences changes with time”, Sohan Jakhar’s paintings encore this sentiment. They are simple and clear resonances of various complex emotions that accompany the journey of experiences.

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Painting by : Sohan Jakhar / Untitled

ID: SJ-01
Acrylic on Canvas
22" X 22"

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Painting by : Sohan Jakhar / REMINISCENCE 15

ID: SJ-02
Acrylic on Canvas
36" X 36"

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Painting by : Sohan Jakhar / REMINISCENCE 7

ID: SJ-03
Acrylic on Canvas
48" X 48"

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