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Pooja Iranna


Pooja Iranna finished her BFA and MFA in Painting from the College of Art in New Delhi. Her works reflect a meticulous and thorough creative progression. Construction and textures play the most pivotal role. Her works are based on childhood memories and longings, and are exceedingly well planned and detailed. Pooja Iranna's works have been exhibited in acclaimed solo shows. She has participated in many exhibitions, including The Kala Ghoda Art Fest - 2000, and the 41st National Exhibition at the Lalit Kala Academy. She is in private collections in India, New York, Bangkok, and Hong Kong.

In Pooja Iranna's world of art, construction and textures play the most pivotal role, giving form and meaning to her creations. Iranna uses various types of media to create lattice like structures composed of lines and forms that intersect, unite and connect in what almost resembles an architectural blueprint. The grids she builds up over her surfaces are never the same; each one seems independent and different from the other.Through Pooja Iranna's works, we are taught that man-made structures and environments reveal a great deal about ourselves and the relationships we are entwined in. Although some may criticize her work as random and chaotic, it reflects and mirrors the very emotions that make people feel that way. Her pieces are based on childhood memories and longings, and are exceedingly well planned and detailed

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Painting by : Pooja Iranna / Lean On

Lean On
ID: PI-01
Gouche on Acid Free Paper Diptych
26" x 17"

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