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Justin Ponmany

Justin Ponmany

Born 1974, Kerala, India, Lives and works in Mumbai, India.

Selected Solo Exhibitions

2007 ‘Who’s keeping score?‘, Bose Pacia Gallery, New York, USA 2006 ‘ Procreation‘, Nature Morte, Milan, Italy

2005 ‘Salt’ (plastic memory-part ii)’, Nature Morte, New Delhi, India

2004 ‘Non-biodegradable memory‘, Sakshi Gallery, Mumbai, India

Selected Group Exhibitions

2007 `Here There Now` Gallery Soulflower, Bangkok

‘Thermocline of Art. New Asian Waves’, curated by Wonil Rhee, ZKM Museum, Karlsurhe Germany.

‘The Armory Show’, Nature Morte, New York, USA.

‘Private/Corporate IV ’, Dialogue of the collections of Lekha and Anupam Poddar, New Delhi, India; Daimler Chrysler, Stuttgart; Berlin, Germany

2006 ‘Art Basel’, Nature Morte, Basel, Switzerland

‘Hungry God, Indian Contemporary Art’, Arario Gallery, Beijing, China

‘FIAC’, the Louvre Museum, Nature Morte- Bose Pacia, Paris, France

2005 ‘Outside Europe’, from the Daimler Chrysler collection, Galerie Der Stadt, Sindelfingen (Stuttgart), Germany.

‘The artist lives and works in Baroda/ Bombay/ Calcutta/ Mysore/ Rotterdam/ Trivandrum,’

‘House of World Culture’, Berlin, Germany.

2004 ‘Bombay x 17’,Kashi Art Gallery, Cochin, India

‘Ideas and Images’ curated by Saryu Doshi, N.G.M.A., Mumbai.

2003 ‘Art for Art’ an Indo- Swedish project on ‘Bench Art’, Kalaghoda, Mumbai, India

2002 ‘ Words and Images’, the Guild Art Gallery, N.G.M.A., Mumbai.


2005 ‘Artist of the future award ‘, N.G.M.A., Mumbai, India

2003 1st runners up, 4th Biennial BosePacia Prize for Contemporary Art.

2000 Western Railway Centenary Prize, N.G.M.A., Mumbai, India

1997-98 Fellowship at Sir J.J. School of Art, Mumbai, India

Justin Ponmany
Justin Ponmany Paintings

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